DEM300s VHF 135-174 MHz

DEM300 VHF 136-174 MHz 16 Ch, 25 W, Digital or Analog - Model LAMO1JNC9JA1AN. Firmware R01.01.01. FCC ABZ99FT3090.

Transceiver only.

Qty Available: 4
Condition: Good
Price: $125 US /ea

DM2600 VHF 136-174 MHz

DM2600 VHF 136-174 MHz 40W 160 Ch Mobile Radio MDM02JQH9JA1AN, Firmware R02.40.20.

No FCC Africa and European region.

Qty Available: 9
Condition: Good
Price: $175 US /ea

DM4400 UHF 450-527 MHz

DM4400 MDM28TRC9KA2AN UHF 450-527 MHz 45 Watt, 2 units with FW R02.50.05 and Qty 1 w FW R02.60.03

Qty Available: 3
Condition: Good
Price: $150 US /ea

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