Motorola Class 2 Power Supplies/Transformers

Motorola Class 2 Power Supplies/Transformers PN2504548T13, Model 481809003NT, 110VAC, 50/60 Hz, 27 W, OP 18VDC 900 mA, New Transformers, never used, used with HTN9000C desktop Chargers for HT750, HT1250 series Portables. Sold in groups of 6 only.

Qty. Available: 100+
Condition: Very Good
Price: $25 US /ea

HPD1000 P25 Data Modem

HPD1000 P25 Data Modem M26UGA9PW1AN. Flashed 00000000040002.

Supports ASTRO 25 HPD in 25 KHz bandwidth channels in 700/800 Mhz.
Supports P25 9.6 kbps conventional data 764-870 MHz.
Ethernet and USB 2.0 connectivity.
Project 25 CAI for 12.5 KHz channels.
ASTRO 25 HPD Air Interface for 25 KHz channels.

Does not support both protocols simultaneously. Data rate: up to 96 kbps raw channel rate. Max message size: 1484 bytes as an IP datagram including IP headers.

Qty Available: 14
Condition: Good - Untested
Price: $75 US /ea

Motorola HLN9820 Dust Cover Assy

Motorola HLN9820 Dust Cover Assy for HT750/HT1250/HT1250LS, MTX8250, MTX950

Qty Available: 150
Condition: New in Bag
Price: $2 US /ea

Motorola PMLN4959A out of bag

Motorola PMLN4959A 03 Handheld Control Head Accessory Cable

Qty Available: 3
Condition: As New
Price: $50 US /ea

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