Conventional – Portables

Note: Batteries sold with Portable radios are used except when stated otherwise. Used batteries have been tested OK but carry No Warranty


Motorola PR400

Motorola PR400 AAH65RDF9AA3AN UHF 438-470 MHz, 32 Ch, 4 Watt

c/w Antenna, Battery, Desktop Charger

Qty. Available: 1
Condition: Good
Price: $150 US /ea

Motorola HT1000 VHF 2 Ch

Motorola HT1000 H01KDC9AA1DN VHF 136-174 MHz, 2 Ch, 5 Watt, Narrowband

Supplied with Ant, good Batt, Charger

Qty. Available: 6
Condition: Good
Price: $125 US /ea

Motorola MTX1500 VHF

Motorola MTX1500 VHF 136-174 MHz 5W 160 Ch, dual mode Portable Radios AAH25KDH9GE6AN, Type II Pplus

Supplied with Antenna, good Battery, Speaker/Mic & Charger.

Qty. Available: 175
Condition: Good
Price: $150 US /ea

Motorola HT1000 UHF

Motorola HT1000 H01RDC9AA3_N, UHF 403-470 MHz, Narrowband

Supplied with Antenna, Battery, Charger

Qty. Available: 45-50
Condition: Good
Price: $125 US /ea


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